Legends in Diving


Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who don’t know him, please allow us to introduce the great Merv ‘Nipper’ Maher!

Cave, Wreck and everything diving legend from Australia who now lives in the Philippines and yes you guessed it, Dives with us at Valm Divers.

John Parish at Valm has had the privilege of diving with and getting to know these legends of diving of throughout his career and so it’s no surprise really that when they found out he was here at Valm Divers they want to come and visit.

As John tells it..

I first met Merv Maher here on Alona Beach when he was diving at a friends shop. Merv and I were both staying at The Birdwatchers on the beach when we got chatting at the Bar. The second we started talking tech, we knew we were on the same page, the stories flowed, the mutual friends and other great names dropped, we laughed into the small hours.

Merv shared this video with John and he has kindly given us permission to share it here…

Mervs view on diving in Alona..

The diving here is world class, John and his team are world class of that there is no doubt. No where else in the world have i witnessed a whale shark swimming through a massive school of Jacks, not just once, but now twice!

The little wreck might be small, but wow, what marine life that holds, fantastic dive for a great start to a days diving with the Valm boys.

Thanks to all the tema for making me so welcome, you know i’ll be back soon. All the best lads and keep on sticking it to them PADI boys.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Merv ‘Nipper’ Maher




Photo credit to John Parish, Pictured are (left to right) Mae (Merv’s wife) Merv ‘Nipper’ Maher & our very own John Parish. Photo taken after a pool party at our resort partner Barefoot Alona.

Look out for future post on UK Legend Gary Mawston who is visiting this year, we can’t wait to see you mate!


Mares XR Urgent Product Recall..

Mares Issues Urgent Voluntary Recall Notification for Third-Party XR Inflators

Mares has issued an urgent safety recall on inflator mechanisms used in its XR range of scuba diving products.

The voluntary recall notice was issued for inflators manufactured by third-party supplier Ferplast.

According to the notification:

‘Under certain circumstances, the deflation button could come unscrewed which could result in loss of the seal at the mouthpiece. This in turn would result in loss of buoyancy that could potentially lead to an accident and serious injury or death, hence Mares has decided to issue a VOLUNTARY product recall to protect the safety of the diver.’

A source for ValmDivers.com at Mares PH has told us that whilst there is no record of these being sold in the Philippines to date, some customers may have bought them overseas and brought them to the Philippines..

The recall is only applicable to newer models of the Ferplast inflator, as depicted below. In particular, only inflators with a serial number from 8A โ€“ 02001 to8A โ€“ 07630 are being recalled.

The older style inflators (L) are not affected by the recall, only the later models (R)

The product models affected are only from the Extended Range (XR) Line and are listed as follows:

  • 417511 Donut Bladder Single Tank – XR Line
  • 417512 Donut Bladder Twin Tank – XR Line
  • 17536 Sidemount Pure Light Bladder – XR Line
  • 417539 Red Devil Single Backmount set – XR Line
  • 417540 Red Devil Single Backmount set SSI – XR Line
  • 417547 Pure Light Sidemount compl.set – XR Line
  • 417550 Silver Knight Single BM set – XR Line
  • 417551 Blue Battle Single Backmount set – XR Line

Each inflator is identified by its own serial number. If you inflator body is marked with an X and the serial number starts with 19.XX.XXX as in the picture, it has been assembled properly and can be used for diving. If the inflator does NOT have the X engraved on the body and the serial number is in the range from 8A โ€“ 02001 to 8A โ€“ 07630 range, the inflator is affected, cannot be used anymore, and you are advised to have it replaced immediately.

Important for Mares Customers here in the Philippines to know is..

You will need to send it to Mares where you bought the BCD for replacement, Mares PH are not accepting returns as they have not sold any here!

The complete product safety recall document can be found atย http://www.head.com/fileadmin/content/Mares/Files/Inflator- Recall-Consumers-SM21Mar2019final-W.pdf


For more information and Mares’ dealer locator, visit the Mares website atย www.mares.com