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Come and join us diving world class dive sites every day of the year!


Panglao’s most famous diving destination. A beautiful small inhabited island only 30 minutes by banka boat from Alona Beach, Balicasag is on every divers must visit list and for very good reasons. The diving at Balicasag marine park is very special indeed. From sandy slopes where turtles grave lazily on the sea grass to spectacular walls full of life, diving at Balicasag very rarely disappoints!  A huge ‘storm’ of Jacks has now made it’s home here and is seen nearly every day. Whale sharks and other pelagics are also spotted here.

Ranging form 5m-50+m there is something here for every dive level. Divers must hold a minumum of Open water or equivilant and to enjoy to it’s best we reccomend if you havn’t dived for a while that you do you do a quick refresher dive before you go to get the most out of the day.

Balicasag has 6 dive sites all round the island:

  • Divers Heaven
  • Black Forest
  • Rico’s Wall
  • Cathedral
  • Royal Garden
  • Turtle Point

An optional 3rd dive is available at Danao Wall on the way back.

Limited to 300 divers per day the marine park also attracts a small enviromental fee of 250php per person.

When space allows on the dive boat snorkellers are welcome to join us for the trip.

The Banks leaves from Alona Beach in front of our shop at 9am, please be at the shop for 8:30 latest. We normally return around 2-2:30pm (2 dive trip) or 3-4pm (3 dive trip)

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Pamilican and Sunken Island

Located around 40 minutes in the opposite direction of Balicasag, Pamilican Island offers fantastic diving with 4 sites that we visit regularly. From spectacular walls, to corals gardens Pamilican can often experience some great currents for drift diving.

We often see turtles here, although they are little more shy, whale sharks have been spotted and occasionally we see a “storm” of jacks. Macro critters abound with a huge range of crustaceans and nudibranchs. Sea snakes and many types of moray are often spotted out and about on the reef hunting for prey.

Normally done as a 3 dive trip we often visit sunken island on the way out then either do 1 or 2 dives at Pamilican before heading back with a 3rd dive at Arco point.

Dive sites we visit:

  • Sunken Island (on the way out depending on currents)
  • Spanish Tower
  • Coral Garden
  • The Sanctuary
  • Arco Point (on the way back depending on conditions)

Open water divers are welcome but we recommend a minimum of advanced open water (or equivalent) with some experience of drift diving to get the best from the trip.

Due to the distance this trip attracts a small fuel surcharge 150php and environmental fee of 100php per person. totalling 250php

When space allows on the dive boat snorkellers are welcome to join us for the trip.

The Banks leaves from Alona Beach in front of our shop at 8:30am, please be at the shop for 8:00 latest. We normally return around 3pm

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A truly fantastic shore dive only 30-40 mins drive to the other side of Panglao. We ditch the boat and jump in the van for a quick drive over to a resort location with a very easy shore entry. From the entry point we dive first in one direction before relaxing in the resort garden and jumping back in at the same point to explore the beautiful wall in the other direction.

A huge school of sardines is usually found on the wall, and when we say huge we mean huge! The wall that starts at 4m and goes down to 50m+ has lots of crevices to explore and we find every kind of fish and beautiful corals here.

Diving here is suitable for all experience levels from open water (or equivalent).

A minimum of 2 dives need to be booked and a small entry fee of 100php are payable. There is a small restaurant on site for those who wish to grab a snack or a soft drink between dives

Snorkelers are welcome to join us for the trip and usually get a spectacular view of the sardines from the surface.

The van leaves from Alona Beach near our shop at 9am, please be at the shop for 8:30 latest.

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Local Dive Sites

We are truly blessed to have world class diving just minutes by speedboat from right outside our dive centre in the middle of Alona Beach.

From beautiful walls to sand filled slopes and even a small wreck dive, you will never be disappointed with the variety of local diving.

The walls are littered with Nudibranchs, millions of beautiful reef fish and all sorts of little critters in the nooks and crannies or running around on the sand. Whale sharks regularly pass by and are often seen by divers on doing there open water training! (lucky buggers!)

Not many diving destinations can boast such a spectacular house reef!

Local dive sites can be enjoyed by divers of all levels, we also conduct our open water training and DSD dives here right off the beach.

For those with the Deep Diver certification, a small wreck at 37m with an amazing variety of life including several resident Frogfish awaits as a fantastic first dive of the day.

There are no additional costs for local diving and you are free to enjoy between 1 and 3 dives a day from our speedboat with an optional night dive as the sun sets in the distance.

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