Diving Weather in Alona Beach, Panglao, Bohol

Alona Beach from Birdwatchers

With all year round temeratures of 29-30c in the waters around Panglao most divers will opt for a thin (3mm) shorty or even a rash guard and board shorts! There is not much in the way of stingers in the water here, so unless you want the sun protection then a full suit is an option but for most divers not necessary.

A word about weather forecasts here… It is likely you will see a lot of rain forecast, whilst it is true that it does rain often here, it is both usually very short and very localised to a small area. It can be raining at one end of the beach and full sun at the other, so dont be put off by rain in the forecast.

The only weather here likely to briefly disrupt diving are the occasional Typhoons that pass by the Philippines.

AccuWeather Forecast for the next 36 hours